The overall objective of MENARID (Integrated Natural Resources Management in the Middle East and North Africa) is twofold: (i) to promote INRM in the production landscapes of the MENA region and (ii) improving the economic and social well-being of the targeted communities through the restoration and maintenance of ecosystem functions and productivity. MENARID will address the above-mentioned constraints and work towards further mainstreaming INRM, improving the governance of natural and water resources (ground water and trans-boundary water systems), and coordinating investments that will: (i) promote enabling environments to mainstream the INRM agenda at national and regional scales, and (ii) generate mutual benefits for the global environment and local livelihoods through catalyzing INRM investments for large-scale impact.

The purpose of this programme framework is to provide overall guidance in identifying strategic priorities for GEF investments in integrated natural resource management (INRM) in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. These strategic priorities should maximize GEF's impacts in achieving global environmental benefits through selected investments supporting the GEF focal areas for land degradation, international waters, biodiversity, and climate change while contributing at the same time to improving livelihoods and reducing poverty. The operational objectives of MENARID are to promote INRM in the production landscapes of the MENA region and to improve the economic and social well-being of the targeted communities through the restoration and maintenance of ecosystem functions and productivity. 

The programming framework reflects GEF-4's transition from single-project interventions to a more programmatic approach for GEF-supported activities. It allows GEF-4 to target its limited resources for priority issues of regional concern and to realize higher visibility and greater impact by linking project interventions in a programmatic context. It also allows a shift towards an integrated and landscape approach to address processes that provide people with ecosystem goods and services from local to wider scales of operation. The landscape approach will embrace ecosystem principles. While the focus is on land degradation, synergies with other focal area objectives are also encouraged, including: adaptation to climate change, biodiversity conservation in production landscapes, and reductions in pollution and sedimentation of international water bodies. The options identified are more indicative than prescriptive and should be used as such by countries and agencies in developing and submitting projects to GEF, that could demonstrate the focal area synergies and added value that will be gained from experience sharing among the projects.

The Medium Size Project "Cross-cutting Monitoring and Evaluation functions and Knowledge Management for INRM within the MENARID program framework" was created to address the following challenges: 

  • Several INRM projects within the region do not systematically capture and disseminate the good practices that they generate;
  • Little cooperation and exchange of lessons is happening at both the national and the regional levels;
  • There are often several gaps and barriers for effective mechanisms supporting knowledge generation and dissemination.

Thus, the project aims to:

  • Ensure that MENARID operations are monitored and evaluated in a coherent and systematic manner (avoiding that individual projects generate fragmented indicators and data that are not useful for out-scaling);
  • Address key barriers to knowledge management and cross-sectoral integration.

As a result, a coherent M&E system will be created to systematically capture, monitor and document the experiences of each project. A knowledge sharing strategy and a knowledge management platform are being developed to facilitate the transfer and sharing of these experiences to other projects.To find out more about MENARID, please check the brochure or contact the project coordinator:

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