IW: LEARN's cooperation with MENARID

IW: LEARN supports a number of activities within the GEF-supported programme “Integrated Natural Resources Management in the Middle East and North Africa” (MENARID). In this water-stressed region, GEF IW:LEARN, in partnership with UNESCO's International Hydrological Programme, works with ICARDA, IFAD and others to raise awareness on the value of groundwater resources, build capacity among project managers of both surface- and groundwater resources for more sustainable practices, encourage managed aquifer recharge techniques, and to increase cooperation with other International Waters projects around the world. These goals are being achieved through targeted regional workshops, facilitated dialogues on transboundary aquifer management, and a technical group focused on capturing and replicating best practices. The partnership between the GEF IW: LEARN/UNESCO-IHP and the MENARID Programme will serve to improve land and groundwater management in the MENARID region, combat ecosystem degradation, deepen inter-basin cooperation, and disseminate a variety of lessons-learned to enhance the GEF International Waters focal area overall.

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