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Welcome to the MENARID innovation sharing space

Share your experience and expertise in improving land degradation and management for dry lands agriculture.

The MENARID community is looking for ideas that work. See the projects database.  

Do you have stories or useful findings from past work to share with others who are working to improve land and water management for dry lands communities?

Government agencies and development organizations across the world’s dry areas are looking for innovations, technical solutions and interventions to improve land and water management at household level.

Here you can share your useful findings with the MENARID community, to encourage the wide use of new ideas and scaling-up of new practices and technologies.

How to submit your innovation:

  • Complete the form below
  • Your submission will be reviewed by the MENARID team – we may contact for clarification of for further information.
  • Once accepted your project will be posted in the MENARID innovations space.

Writing your innovation summary
Your summary should be more than a description of your innovation. Take a step back, look at your story from the perspective of an extension specialist, or someone working with communities in rural development. Describe the innovation, focusing specifically on who can benefit from it and in what type of agro-ecosystems? Answer the following questions:

  • Who can benefit?
  • How can it be put in to practice at a broad scale?
  • What are the specific benefits to communities, or to the planners considering using this practice?
  • Are there potential constraints t adoption (cost, complexity, specific skills needed, etc)? 

See examples of ideas and practices accepted in the MENARID innovations database.   

With these points in mind complete the form and submit your innovation.

Guidelines and tips for writing your innovation story