Institutional Strengthening and Coherence for Integrated Natural Resources Management

MENARID Project is being conducted based on Middle East and North Africa Regional Integrated Development programme in I.R.Iran and six other countries, including Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen with focus on a vast variety of natural resources management issues.

The goal of the project in Iran is to remove barriers to Integrated Natural Resources Management (INRM) by developing and strengthening institutional knowledge, capacity and coordination, and by demonstrating and up-scaling successful sustainable land and water management practices.

The project, also follows to promote climate resilient and stakeholders sensitive integrated management of renewable natural resources, providing global environment benefits for four GEF focal areas( Land Degradation, Climate Change, International Water and Biodiversity), while maintaining the capacity of ecosystems to deliver the goals and services needed to support local livelihoods. The project contributes to these goals along with the other projects under MENARID and in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The project adopts a multi-pronged approach to ensure the sustainability of project interventions, regardless of whether such interventions are taken at national level or at community level.


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Dr. Houshang Jazi
National project manager
Forest, Range and Watershed Management Organization
Islamic republic of Iran
Tel:+ 98- 21- 22 19 4039
Website: http://www.menarid.frw.org.ir/