Mainstreaming Sustainable Land Management and Water Management Practices (Agricultural Resource Managment Project phase II)

The main objectives of the project are :
to improve food and water security and the income levels of the target group of poor and rural households residing in the project area, by promoting effective use of soil and water resources, and introducing better management practices for their sustainable use with particular focus on conservation of the environment. These would be achieved through:

  1. providing technical and financial support to construct soil and water conservation measures and improve agricultural production through active participation of the target group;
  2. promoting sustainable land management practices and supporting environmental monitoring;
  3. promoting rural micro-finance for on- and off-farm activities; and
  4. strengthening the capacity of existing Project Management Unit (PMU) and the agricultural directorates in the project area to provide the required technical support services and extension in line with the Government decentralization plan to enhance sustainability of these services.


 Shared Documents

Agricultural Resources Management Project - Phase II - Description.pdf
Endorsement letter from government.pdf
Project Development Facility-B document (revised).doc
Project Development Facility-B utilization report.doc
Project document (revised).doc
Project Identification Form.pdf
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Revised project concept.pdf



    Mr. Khaled Habashneh
    Agricultural Resource Management Project Phase 2 Manager
    Ministry of Agriculture
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