A circular Economy Approach to Agro-biodiversity Conservation in the Souss Massa Draa region of Morocco

The project aims at conserving agro-biodiversity and promoting local products ("produits du terroir"), through payments for ecosystem services in the Souss-Massa Drâa Region. Identified products of local and global importance are Argan (Argania spinosa), dates, figs, saffron rose and honey3.


 Shared Documents / Documents partagés

Endorsement letter from Government.pdf
4/17/2013 1:27 AMRemaury, Hugo (ICARDA)
IP for PPG PIMS 5079_Circular Economy Approach_Souss Massa Draa Region_final.pdf
4/17/2013 12:32 PMRemaury, Hugo (ICARDA)
PPG document.pdf
4/17/2013 2:05 PMRemaury, Hugo (ICARDA)
Project Identification Form 2012.pdf
4/17/2013 1:21 AMRemaury, Hugo (ICARDA)
Project Identification Form for WPI 2009.pdf
4/17/2013 4:28 PMRemaury, Hugo (ICARDA)
Project Identification Form request document for WPI.pdf
4/17/2013 6:39 AMRemaury, Hugo (ICARDA)
Scientific Technical Advisory Panel review.pdf
4/17/2013 4:48 PMRemaury, Hugo (ICARDA)

Mr. Hamid Felloun
Responsable du projet MENARID d'Economie circulaire
Agence pour le Développement Agricole
Direction de la Gestion des Projets
Tel: +212 (0) 537 57 37 59
Email: hfelloun@gmail.com

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