Project de Gestion des Ressources Naturelles (Phase 2)

The Second Natural Resources Management Project (NRMP2) will build on the experience and achievements of the first phase to support a long-term national strategy on scaling up and mainstreaming the IPA into local development planning (including natural resources management and agricultural productivity gains). Under the NRMP2, the objective is to improve the living conditions of local communities in the three governorates of the first project, Jendouba, Kasserine, and Medenine, through better access to basic infrastructure and services, sustainable income increase, and improved natural resources management practices.

The NRMP2 will maintain similar component activities of the first project to allow for a consolidation of those older activities and as a basis for beginning new ones in the same governorate. However, the NRMP2 will add activities to be funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) which will support a national strategy on developing/promoting treated wastewater reuse in agriculture and enhance the overall environmental dimension of the project. GEF will further place a stronger focus on adaptation to climate change and climate variability.


 Shared Documents

CEO endorsement letter and tracking sheet to implementing agency.pdf
Project document (CEO endorsement rev).doc
Project document.pdf
Project Identification Form document (revised).pdf
People collaborating

Mrs. Lamia Jemmeli
Coordinateur du PGRN2
Ministère de l’Agriculture
DG Financement inverstissement et organisaitons profesionnelles
30 rue Alain Savary – Tunis - Tunisia
Email: jemalilam@gmail.com
Tel: 00216 97 81 94 93